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Olga Begak Art & Design

Neulaa [EP] - Cassette tape

Neulaa [EP] - Cassette tape

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Limited edition of Neulaa's first EP: a short run of 30 hand-numbered orange cassettes with additional artwork reimagined for the release.

From the liner notes:
Something so mesmerizing about aircraft trails from down below. See, one moment it’s here — I point to the sky, lead the line and… When we were kids, how was it supposed to go? And what color chalk do I take now? You see, one moment it’s here and the other one it’s gone. By that time I’ll probably wander off daydreaming never to think about it again.

These songs came about a long time ago and never reached the surface. This plane took off and disappeared. And although I dreamt for so long, the trails remained intact — this time I wouldn't let them slip away. Not until I pin all the traces down.
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