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Olga Begak Art & Design

AFTUR Hand-Knitted Lopapeysa Sweater

AFTUR Hand-Knitted Lopapeysa Sweater

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Hand knitted icelandic lopapeysa in Aftur design is knitted with high quality yarn, Lettlopi (100% Icelandic wool). Lettlopi is t the perfect weight for garments that you can wear both indoors and outdoors. Lopi 100% wool yarns are wonderfully warm and beautifully breathable.
Lopapeysa is an old traditional icelandic unisex sweater with round yoke, made in a non-varying circle.
Original design: Védís Jónsdóttir, editions: Olga Begak.

This pullover made in 4 color shades — 1416 Moor, 0054 Light Ash, 9426 Golden Heather, 9427 Rust Heather. You may choose another 4 shades if you want.
MADE TO ORDER. Please allow approximately 4–5 weeks for me to create your sweater especially for you. During peak seasons, the processing time may be extended.

Would you like the sweater in different colors? I offer a wide range of colors to choose from! Please refer to the image displaying the yarn shades, select your preferences, and provide the information in the 'Order special instructions' section during checkout.

XS: Chest — 89 cm | 35", Length to underarm — 38 cm | 15", Sleeve length to underarm — 44 cm | 17"
S: Chest — 89 cm | 35", Length to underarm — 38 cm | 15", Sleeve length to underarm — 46 cm | 18"
M: Chest — 98 cm | 38.5", Length to underarm — 40 cm | 15,5", Sleeve length to underarm — 47 cm | 18.5"
L: Chest — 107 cm | 42", Length to underarm — 42 cm | 16.5", Sleeve length to underarm — 48 cm | 19"
XL: Chest — 115 cm | 45", Length to underarm — 44 cm | 17", Sleeve length to underarm — 49 cm | 19.5"

S: Chest — 89 cm | 35", Length to underarm — 41 cm | 16", Sleeve length to underarm — 50 cm | 19.5"
M: Chest — 98 cm | 38.5", Length to underarm — 43 cm | 17", Sleeve length to underarm — 51 cm | 20"
L: Chest — 107 cm | 42", Length to underarm — 45 cm | 18", Sleeve length to underarm — 52 cm | 20.5"
XL: Chest — 115 cm | 45", Length to underarm — 47 cm | 18.5", Sleeve length to underarm — 53 cm | 21"

CARE: Hand wash cold 30°С / 65°F–85°F and warm iron. Do not bleach, do not dry clean. Wash with inside out. Don't let the garment soak. Don't use fabric softener. Gentle agitation only. Dry flat.


Wool fabrics are very durable and flexible. It's natural elasticity means that the fibers will stretch under pressure rather than break, and since the fibers «spring back» when the pressure is released, woolen garments tend to retain their shape. The natural elasticity also makes woolen fabrics resistant to tearing.

Wool can easily absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture without feeling damp or clammy. It wicks moisture away from the body, keeping the person «warm without wet». Wool functions as a «temperature regulator» so it can protect the body in both cold and warm conditions. That is why wool clothing is worn throughout the desert regions of the world where it's hot during the day and cool at night. Wool is truly a versatile all-season fabric.
Even though wool is so absorbent, wringing liquid out a wool garment is effective if it gets soaked. In extreme weather or conditions, wool can be a life-saver!

Wool is an excellent insulator. It keeps heat close to the body by trapping still or dead air within the fibers. To a certain degree, wool is considered water repellent. Small amounts of liquid, such as spills, light rain or snow, will stay on the surface or run off the fabric.
Remember how the wool «fisherman's sweaters» were preferred by the men as they routinely worked in extreme wet and cold conditions?

Wool garments do not soil easily and are not easily spotted by grease and oils. Wool does not wrinkle easily. It is resistant to wear and tear. It is lightweight and versatile.

Please note that due to lighting effects, monitor's brightness, contrast and other settings, there might be some slight differences in the color tone/shade of the website's photo and the actual item.

Thank you for visiting my shop!

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